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Death Wish Coffee - World's Strongest Coffee

Death wish coffee package shown with a red warning on the side

If you're like me the idea of world's strongest anything appeals to you so this coffee is a no-brainer.  Furthermore, I'm sure many of you are like my Dad who drinks coffee like water.  I did buy this for my brother-in-law and apparently, it did not disappoint!

Green Mountain Grills - Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Grill resting on the tailgate of a pickup truck, smoke rising from the smokestack

The Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is legit!  I've been pellet grilling for years, there's no going back, and this model has been adapted for tailgating!  It's wi-fi capable, why? who cares?! and though it's electric it comes with a power adaptor for your vehicle. 

Buck Knives - Woodsman Fixed Blade with Sheath

Buck Knives fixed blade woodsman knife with the leather sheath and iconic yellow buck box

This is my all time favorite knife!  Sure I have some folding/locking knives that I like; but, of all the knives I carry on adventures, this is the best.  The steel Buck uses is American made and holds an edge with the best of them!

BenShot 'Merica "Bulletproof" Rocks Glass 11oz

Clear glass with etched american flag and "'merica" lettering, with a rifle bullet in glass

Do I seriously even need to say anything about this one?!  Look at that fine piece of craftsmanship!  I enjoy a good glass of whiskey from time to time and this glass takes the cake. Reportedly, any man that drinks from this chalice instantly grows a Tom Selleck/Sam Elliot mustache and exudes the pure and virile masculinity of John Wayne. 

The Brothers K - by David James Duncan

Book cover for "The Brothers K" by David James Duncan

A man that I respect greatly told me about this author some years ago and his books have become my all-time favorites.  David James Duncan has a way of encompassing life and the complexities of being a man in his writing.  This book is hilarious and yet will hit you right in the heart strings through the themes of fatherhood, family, and baseball.  Highly recommended read for the real man. 

Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener

Power knife sharpener with angle guides and extra belts

I have one of these bad boys and it honestly changes the game!  You know that drawer of dull kitchen knives?...  Wouldn't it be nice if you could sharpen them finally, all in a half an hour?  And I mean shaving sharp!  I'm not kidding... the hair is gone on my left hand.  Works on all tools as well, lawn mowers, hatchets, scissors, shovels, etc.

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