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Armor All 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat

Black rubber Armor All vehicle floor mat

You're a busy guy, so you're going to track dirt and what not into your vehicle.  You could spend $100-$200 on custom fit floor mats or you can get these and trim them to fit yourself.  I did and it's not that difficult.  Meanwhile you keep the original mats for when you sell or trade... they'll be like new!

TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump - 12V 140W Air Compressor 40LPM

Compact portable tire inflator pump with assorted accessories

Every man should have certain preparedness items in their vehicle.  Principally jumper cables and a tire pump.  If you're in the middle of nowhere and need a tire pump, you should have your own in your vehicle.  This particular one has a great price and all the accessories you might need.

Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Foam - 19 oz.

Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Foam can

Gentlemen, I know you take care of your ride.  That's just a given.  So when you see this ad you may think to yourself, I don't care about shiny tires!  But in two minutes you make your tires like new and who doesn't love new tires?!  I used to scoff at stuff like this but I've gone through two cans since I got my new Jeep... seriously give it a try!  

Cartman Jumper Cables in Carry Bag, 8 Gauge (8 AWG x 12 Feet)

12 foot red and black, coiled jumper cables and bag

 So here's the deal, if you don't have a good set of reliable jumper cables in your vehicle right now, I don't know why you're on this site but you need to buy these right now. A real man needs jumper cables, I can't tell you how many women I've helped over the years...  And if you already have some and they're all rusty and don't find a good connection easy... get yourself some shiny new ones!

Slime T-Handle Tire Plug Kit

Slime brand tire plugs tool and sealant

If you get a flat tire, don't be stranded... be a handy man and fix that puncture yourself!  At least until you can get to a tire repair shop.  A few years ago I used these plugs and was able to drive several hundred miles in rural CO until I got the tire patched... they work gentlemen.  And they go perfectly with the pump above...

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

Mequiar's Complete car care kit shown

Meguiar's products are always quality.  For the real man that wants the total car care kit this is a helluva deal!  You're probably not going to find a bundled kit like this at the local Ace so the cost savings this offers is worth it.  Do your ride a favor and get the complete kit!

Tactical Seat Cover and Organizer

Tan tactical seat cover and organizer

Are you kidding me?  This thing is bad ass!  As a man you've gotta be prepared and that means having certain things stored in your vehicle, especially if you're out in the back country on adventures.  Or maybe you simply have a rugged four wheeling jeep and this seat cover would take it to the next level of awesome!

Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth | Bluetooth Music Receiver for Cassette Decks

Audio cassette tape bluetooth adapter

If you're still driving that old work truck that has a cassette player, I've got just the thing for you!  You've likely had one of those cassette tape adapters that allowed you to plug into an mp3 player through the headphone jack.  Well the logical next step is now available, a bluetooth cassette adapter!  Right off the top of my head, I know a couple guys that need to get this immediately.