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Official Stealth Angel Outdoor and Urban Survival Kit


This is one seriously cool tactical outdoor and urban survival kit.  It's got some great gear included and comes with a compact, ultra durable, waterproof carry case.  This kit has it all: flashlight, compass, high frequency whistle, tactical pen, key chain LED light, fire flint rod.  What more could you need?!  Common sense never hurts but if you're in a sticky situation this kit just may help get you out of it!

Buck Knives - Woodsman Fixed with Sheath

Fixed Woodsman Buck Knife with beautiful cherry wood handle

 This is my all time favorite knife!  Sure I have some folding knives that I'm very fond of but, of the knives I carry on adventures, this is the absolute best.  The steel that Buck Knives uses is American made and holds an edge with the best of them!  I've used this knife for just about everything one might use a knife for while camping and hunting.  It's also almost always my sharpest knife. 

IQ Bowsights Pro Hunter Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology

Black and green metal IQ Archery bow site resting on weathered wood

I just got this site and put in on my hunting bow and I have to say, this thing has everything I could ask for in a bow sight.  I generally hunt in a tree stand so I don't take long shots.  However, next year I'll be out west hunting elk and may be shooting further. This site with the adjustable bottom pin is ideal!  The small diameter pins and retina lock are game changers as well.

Plano All Weather Series Bow Case

Hard plastic bow case with foam bed and arrow holders

I just got this case for my Mathews bow and I have to say it's worth every penny.  You spend a lot of money on a bow and accessories so  you want to protect that investment!  This case is made from hefty durable plastic with big thick clips to keep it shut.  It has a rubber gasket to keep out moisture and dust and comes with anti-rust strips.  The customizable straps and arrow holders are great.  It fits almost any bow as well which is nice with today's parallel limb bows. 

GoPro HERO Session - Action Camera

Small black GoPro HERO Session action camera

This is one of those things you don't think you need until you have it. If you'd love to get into filming hunts or any action sports but thought GoPros were too expensive I think you'll be surprised how affordable this model is. AND it's the smallest, most portable GoPro yet!  It's a great way to get into filming things as it could hardly be any easier than with this bad boy...

Wilderness Athlete Supplements

Wilderness Athlete mountain logo

With the seeming rise of the athlete outdoorsman has come the rise of supplement companies tailored specifically to outdoor recreation seekers.  Wilderness Athlete is one of the premier supplement companies for such adventurers.  In addition they have a focus on quality overall health and conditioning.

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