Real Man Shop - Product Categories

Sports Gear

A close up view of an american football

Sure, a Real Man isn't required to love sports it just so happens that 99% of them do.  And for that reason there's a lot of awesome sports stuff out there!

Food, Drink, Cooking Gear

Delicious looking steak and veggies over a flaming grill.

Guys like to eat and a Real Man generally know his way around the grill and cracking a cold one while you're at it is basically a given.

Clothes, Apparel, Accessories

A well-dressed man with a watch on.

Sure we're generally not into shopping like the opposite sex, but a Real Man likes to look good.  And a manly watch or moisture wicking shirt is always good.

Outdoor Gear

Sun lit dome tents surrounded by trees with mountains in the background

A Real Man needs time outdoors to reconnect with nature for it is "not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." - Henry David Thoreau

Man Cave Decor

A well-organized entertainment center with television with speakers around it and stylish chairs.

Guys need a place to put their stuff, a place where they can retreat from the world and be surround by that which makes them feel like a Real Man, a Man Cave if you will... 

Gym and Workout Gear

A dimly lit close-up view of a hand gripping a weight lifting bar, with chalk falling

A Real Man is physically fit such that he can pursue life to the fullest and take care of those around him.  Not only that but he needs an outlet for physical tension and aggression.


Old wooden surface with assorted old hand tools and leather gloves

What is a man without tools to get the job done?  I'd say not much of a man.  When able to, a man should ensure he has certain basic tools, many of which can be found here. 


A dollar shave club box, example of one of the many subscription box services available for men

The last several year has seen the rise of subscription box services.  These "clubs" provide everything from shaving razers to beer and fishing lures.  Most are personalized and make great gifts that arrive monthly!


View of an immaculately clean engine block in a red muscle car

Despite the supposed advancement of society there are things that seemingly never change.  For the last 100 years or so one of those have been men's fascination with cars and everything having to do with them.