Featured Items - Sports

DeMarini ASA/USSSA/NSA/ISA Ultimate Weapon 17 Slow Pitch Bat

Dark charcoal/black DeMarini sotball bat

There's something about summer slow pitch with the guys... it's just a great time. You can relive the glory days, have a cold beer maybe and whack the hell out of some softballs. I loved the demarini I've used and this is their badass new bat for 2017! Come on Babe Ruth you know you want it...

EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart 2001 - All Terrain Tires!

Electric golf cart with brush guard, all terrain tires, and after market rims

You have to be kidding me!! This majorly bada** golf cart is available online.  You know you've seen people playing with these and kind of wanted one... Sure you don't need it but it's a pretty manly golf cart.  If you golf a lot give it a shot, it's less than your irons cost. 

NFL Football 2015 Aztec Ugly Crew Neck Holiday Sweater - Pick Team

Ugly Green Bay Packers sweater, gold and green.

Ugly Sweaters seem like they're all the rage these days.  So you might as well flaunt your favorite football team while playing along with the ugly sweater party for work!  Multiple teams available, you'll be the envy of the office! 

STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support

Black and grey wide folding chair with cup holder

You know those folding chairs you hate because you sink into them and they destroy your back... this is not one of those chairs!  This is an award winning folding chair that actually provides lumbar support. The legs are steel and it has reinforced construction for a weight rating up to 300lbs. This is a man's folding chair!

Personalized Coasters - Set of 4 - Sports Teams Circle

Wooden coasters with LA Lakers logo laser printed

Let's be real, your significant other probably hounds you to use a damn coaster every time you're relaxing and watching the game.  That's cliche but the point is to get yourself some coasters you'll remember to use because they remind you of your team (any team).  They're cheap and they're classier than the Coors Light one's that you grabbed at the bar...

Popeye The Sailor Man Golf Headcover

Grinning Popeye the Sailor Man golf club cover

If you play golf, and you probably do, you probably wish you could play more.  You wish you could drive the ball further too I'm sure and this headcover is the next best thing to actually slamming a couple cans of spinach!  It'll have you crushing it 300 yds or at least looking like you can...