Men's Subscription Clubs

Bespoke Post - The Box of Awesome

Bespoke post box of awesome shown, including hatchet, flask, belt, candle

Themed boxes for guys who give a damn!

Thoughtful collections of goods from small-batch brands, delivered monthly. Free to join, no commitments, free shipping, free exchanges.  Sounds pretty good to me, might have to give it a try!  It'll probably have stuff you never knew you wanted but always kinda needed... 

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club box shown with razer, blades, shave butter and post shave cream

You may already know who Bill Burr is, a famous comedian.  Anyhow, his reads for Dollar Shave Club on his podcast are hilarious.  They alone make me want to sign up for this club.  But seriously, you're a man, you probably have to shave at least once or twice a year. You always feel like the damn power glide blades were too bleeping expensive and didn't work that great anyhow.  Or if you're like my Dad, you need to upgrade from the bic razors.  So this subscription is basically ideal.

Beer of the Month Club

Assorted craft beers with beer of the month club logo

I had a girlfriend several years ago that got me this subscription for 3 months  as a gift.  The subscription was great, the beer equally as good!  To receive great beer in the mail without having to pick it out was an unexpectedly nice surprise each month.  Even after she was gone the beer kept coming... it was fantastic. Ultimately discover and try new beers from some kind of expert!

Dr. Squatch Soap Co.

Dr. Squatch pine tar natural bar soap shown with pine needles

Are you sick of the fruity Axe body soaps and crap at the department store?  Are you ready for some manly soap?  I was and I decided to give these guys a try and it was better than expected.  The soap had a masculine scent and was good and abrasive.  The soap is all natural and won't dry out your skin. Get ready for the best shower of your life!

Mystery Tackle Box - Fishing Gear

Mystery Tackle box with example of assorted lures

It's a fact of nature that you can never have too much fishing gear or too many fishing lures.  This program has been endorsed by the likes of some of my favorite fishermen.  You know you want to keep up with the latest trends in gear because everyone knows that new lures catch fish better than the old ones! Great gift for Dad!

Taster's Club - Monthly Whiskey, Rum, Tequila

Silhouetted whiskey bottles and taster's club logo

Evidently they have "curated" a fine list of whiskey that you just need to try, and they send them to you every month.  Sounds good to me.  So you won't need to listen to your buddy Anthony's advice anymore... and from now on you can tell him what whiskies he needs to try.  You'll sound like a connoisseur in no time!