Featured - Real Man Tools

HONDA Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter

Red and black, super quiet, portable Honda generator

If you've been around generators much you know the value of having a quiet generator.  Furthermore, a light, mobile generator.  For those criteria Honda generators are the best.  This particular one isn't crazy powerful but it can run appliances and if you're camping the quiet is well worth the extra investment. Also this thing will run for 8 hours on only 1 gallon of gas and it only weighs 46 lbs!


Blue Kobalt 230 piece household tool set with soft organizer

This 230 piece tool set is a quality kit.  It has almost everything you could need and comes with sockets in both metric and SAE.  A real man has gotta have the tools to get the job done.  Why not get most of them in one well organized kit?!  They're quality Kobalt tools and they of course come with a HASSLE-FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY.

DEWALT 13-Amp Reciprocating-Saw (Sawzall)

DeWALT yellow reciprocating (sawzall) power saw

Sawzall... simply a must have!  Why?  Because it saws all... come on guy.  But with all seriousness a reciprocating saw is unbelievably handy and can cut through just about anything with the right blade.  This one from DeWALT is a great quality for a fair price and has some nice features.  For one it has keyless adjustment and clamp, so you don't have to worry about losing the damn allen wrench! 

Gladiator 66.5-Inch Bamboo Modular Workbench

Bamboo work bench with heavy-duty coated steel framing and legs

If you're gonna do some work and tinker with your tools you've got to have a good work bench.  I built one when I was just out of college out of an old wood crate that was the right height and a sheet of plywood.  This is a marked step up from that!  The point is you need a bench that you can beat up a bit and get stuff done.  This is a heavy duty bench that will allow you to get the job done!

Leatherman - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath

Leatherman stainless steel multi-tool with nylon sheath and a belt clip

Do I even need to talk about this tool?  It goes without saying that you need a good multi-tool and Leatherman is the pinnacle.  I literally take my multi-tool with my every time I travel anywhere because I like to be prepared for anything.  This leatherman will do that for you as well.  It has tools made for the working man, comes with a nylon case and a nice little 25 year warranty!

Bosch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit (Drill/Driver and Impact Driver) with Batteries and Case

Bosch 2 tool combo kit with a drill driver and impact driver, batteries, charger and case

You probably already have a cordless drill and there's a good chance it's old and disappointing.  My Dad was a contractor for 50 years and when these came out he was amazed with how powerful they are, despite how small and light they are.  The lithium batteries last a long time and charge relatively fast.  Just don't try to fly anywhere with them, damn TSA.